Gas Pump Repair Service

Georgia's "Home of the $60 service call."

Our Rates


Labor is billed at sixty dollars per hour, by the quarter-hour. There is a minimum charge of one-half hour for all calls.

Trip Charges are based upon distance from our Snellville office near Rockdale, DeKalb & Gwinnett corners to the service location, as determined by current mapping websites, such as MapQuest.

Depending upon your Zone, a Trip Charge may include some Labor.

Sites farther than eighty (80) miles will also have a minimal "per-mile" charge added for the excess.


We accept cash, check*, or money order* as payment. For select customers, we may assign establish a termed account.

For a small convenience fee (typically 4% of the total transaction amount), we also can process most major credit cards.

* in accordance with Georgia state and/or federal law, any form of payment which is refused by your bank or agent, for any reason, will be charged an additional cost recovery fee, not to exceed that charged by our bank.

Other important information:

P A R T S :

The lowest price is not always the best deal. We normally do not sell any part which is, or may be, used - unless you specify. If used parts are requested, we do not offer a warranty on those parts. Some parts are more suitable for re-use than others, but keep in mind that those old pumps were retired for a reason. I expect that you would be honestly upset when that "newly replaced" part fails - again.

Not all parts (or suppliers) are of equal quality. "Switch and mix" tactics - moving good parts from one pump to fix a bad one - still leaves you with bad parts at your site. That is not how we do business.

P R I C I N G :

Manufacturers set the "suggested retail price" for their parts. This gives us some allowance when setting our prices. In order to provide our customers with the best value possible, we strive to be fair and competitive. With every part we sell, you get installation and the manufacturer's warranty - always, whether the parts is new or rebuilt. We do and will always continue to offer high-quality new and rebuilt parts - parts which are guaranteed to perform.

W A R R A N T I E S :

Most warranties are "parts only". That means the manufacturer covers the defective part. Service-related charges (such as a Trip Charge, Labor, or mileage) are not included. Typically, warranty periods range between 6-18 months from date of install. Warranty periods do vary. Some parts, as most printers, for example, have 90-day coverage. Should it be necessary for us to make a warranty return visit, Labor is at a reduced rate for the first thirty days.

Warranties are not intended to provide relief from a lightning strike or other "acts of God". They are designed to protect you, the end-user, from defects within the manufacturing process.

Speaking of lightning .. storms and other bad things happen. When you are filing insurance claims for storm-related damage, we cannot provide a Letter of Certification, stating exactly how your damage was sustained - unless a technician was onsite when it happened. However, we will provide you an assessment letter for your insurance company, if the situation warrants.