Gas Pump Repair Service

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* 2012 SPECIAL - any customer using our webpage to request service, receives a 10% discount on the first call.

Some of the stuff you may not have considered about your site's fueling equipment.

  • The primary cause of equipment failure is a lack of routine maintenance. You regularly change the oil in your car's engine, right? We all know that preventative maintenance saves money - periodic maintenance and service is less expensive than replacement.
  • Light bulbs, hoses, and filters are just some of the items not typically covered by most dispenser warranties.

  • Most electronic dispensers report an error code to let you know something has gone wrong with your equipment. Most Gilbarco codes "flash" in the PPU display, while Wayne's is usually shown in their Main Sales Display. These codes are an important aid for proper diagnosis and repair - we will ask about the code(s) - help us save you money on labor costs.

  • If your station has vapor recovery, training your customers not to "top off the tank" can save you service dollars and possibly improve your customers' mileage. The vacuum motor is designed to move vapor - not liquid. "Top offs" can damage vapor recovery components. Those little holes near the end of the nozzle spout are vapor return ports. When nozzle "clicks off", customers should stop filling. Further attempts or "topping off" pulls vapor (and fuel, for which the customer has paid) back into your in-ground tank. This forces the vacuum pump to work harder-than-designed. Engineering students learn that liquid is more difficult to compress (or pump) than vapor. This can result in broken rotor and vane sets or an outright motor failure. With each position having its own motor (typically, 4 dispensers equals 8 motors, around $250 each) - it can get expensive!

  • Dust and dirt is the enemy of all electronics - keep vents clear of dust. Keep enough space around every piece of electronic gear; it needs to "breathe".​
  • Drive-off hoses can easily be reconnected, if there is no damage to the safety breakaway body and seals - and if you have a reconnectable-type. The most common cause of sales "jump" is from a damaged breakaway - usually from improper reconnection attempts, which can cut an internal seal.​
  • There are two categories of gasoline filters - ethanol and regular. Be sure to use the right filter or your customers could end up with water in their tanks.​

  • that a "missing probe" error on your tank monitor does not always mean that the probe is bad or needs to be replaced?Your probes are mounted near the fuel tanks. Day-time heat and night-time cold can make the probe's connections "sweat" with condensation. Sometimes, simply remaking those connections will take care of many probe communication problems.

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Gas Pump Repair Service

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