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Your fueling equipment will break or need service, eventually.

Monthly inspections are required in Georgia - we can help.

Perhaps you need service now, but are waiting - concerned of the cost.

We know that you can call on anyone to fix it - you now have more options.

You know what your current service company charges. Call to ask about our prices and compare the value.

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, we can help:

  • Do you need an inspection for your fueling equipment?
  • Is a card reader, display, or receipt printer not working?
  • Are your hoses cracked and dried out from the weather?
  • Do you have a nozzle, not stopping when the tank is full?
  • Need an insurance quote for damage to your equipment?
  • Are your customers complaining about your slow pumps?
  • Does your tank monitor have an active alarm or warning?
  • Does one or more hose "jump" before the nozzle is opened?
  • Have your dispensers been stopping in the middle of a sale?
  • Are your displays sun-damaged and getting harder to read?
  • Has the "Remove by" date on your hose assemblies expired?
  • Is it time to inspect your pumps, hoses, or other equipment?
  • Are your displays dark at night because of burned-out bulbs?
  • Did you have a customer drive away, dragging the hose behind?

We fix these (and other) problems and we do it for less!

Our minimum* charge is just sixty dollars - which may

include the first 15 minutes of labor for your site!

* The sixty dollar rate applies to locations within twenty miles of our office.

If the distance to your location is more than that - your rate will be higher.

We use to ensure consistent and accurate information.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a repair shop; we are not auto mechanics. If you need a mechanic to replace a fuel pump in your car, truck, or motorcycle - try this.

But ... when it is time to "fill-'er-up", you'll know that we have been keeping that stuff working so that you can gas-'n'-go, whenever you are ready.

We know budgets are tight. We offer like-new, rebuilt parts from some of our industry's top service centers.

These parts usually carry similar warranties and cost much less.

We pass our savings directly to you!

However - if you need OEM parts, we will happily install new Dresser-Wayne or Gilbarco parts for you.

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